Penetrating damp is a problem that usually affects older buildings with solid walls rather than new build constructions. It is mostly caused by defects in the building like leaking gutters or cracks and other defects in external walls such as faulty render allowing water to enter into the property normally by capillary action.

Penetrating damp can be very damaging to properties. It is unhealthy, unsightly and if left untreated could leave a building in an unsafe condition; it can also lead to serious timber decay.

Causes of penetrating damp

There are many different defects which a property may have that will cause dampness to penetrate into the building, some of these are:

  • Leaking guttering or down pipes
  • Poor roof coverings
  • Poorly fitting windows & doors
  • Cracked brickwork & external render
  • Lateral damp – When external ground against the wall is above DPC height

How to identify penetrating damp in youR property

There are a number of signs that may identify penetrating damp, although not all these will be visible right away and they may not show until the problem has worsened:

  • Damage to internal decoration – usually discoloured watermarks to the plaster or paint
  • Damage to internal plaster – this will appear as blistering of the plaster, build up of salts of even disintegration
  • Rotting to skirting boards and timbers of wooden floors – timbers like skirting boards will have a wet rot decay, but they will rot from the back so this may not be visible until the problem has worsened
  • Damp patches at random height – These could either be at high or low level
  • Damp smells
  • Mould growth – This could be harmful as some moulds can be toxic

Treatments for penetrating damp

Penetrating damp is usually straight forward to treat, although it is important to undertake a full survey as this will identify building faults and remedial works required

If you suspect that you may have any kind of damp problem in your property then contact us and we can arrange for a full survey to be taken out on the building. This will identify if there is a problem or even if there is possibility of future problems

If there were any problems found in the survey then recommendations will be made on the best method of treatment to be taken out. Oakfield Consulting Services can also offer independent guarantees on treatment carried out to give you that extra peace of mind.