Wet rot and timber survey - Barnwood, Glos

wet rot barnwood

Coniophora Puteana- wet rot also known as (cellar Fungus).

This fungus attacks both hard and soft wood, with the commonest decay caused from wood being sufficiently wet either from leakage or built in to saturated masonry. The wood darkens and cracks similarly to that of the dry rot fungus and in some instances the surface may appear sound.

Wet rot is limited to areas of sufficient wetting. Timber treatment is not always necessary, by identifying and eliminating the source of wetting, rot growth will be restricted and stop.

On this project the main source of moisture was from leaking dishwasher, although the perimeter walls were suffering from rising damp.

The remedial repairs on this project were to treat the walls for rising damp as well as repairs and timber treatment to the main floor.

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